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New NX Series CIP safety network controller with EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP capabilities is ideal for IIoT.

Hard-wired mechanical devices – such as position detection switches for determining robot placement – are things of the past. The future consists of IIoT-ready, programmable devices that improve flexibility, reliability and ease of use.
Our new safety controller incorporates CIP Safety, a networking protocol that supports the industrial internet of things by allowing various nodes in an overarching safety system to talk to one another. Light curtains, interlock switches, PLCs and I/O blocks can now send important data back and forth with this innovative solution.
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Why use the our new NX-SL5 CIP Safety Controller?

Standardization with flexibility. CIP Safety has become the most popular safety protocol in use today because the resulting node-to-node communication greatly improves flexibility. In addition, it allows safety devices and standard devices to reside on a single network

Functionalities include:

  • Machine-to-machine safety communication
  • Automatic programming online safety function verification
  • Direct HMI connectivity
  • Data logging, and more!

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