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Boost your brand, capitalize on flexible manufacturing and gain insight into packaging market trends. Our new eBook series titled “The Power of Packaging” is designed to give you the knowledge you need to navigate the latest developments in packaging and use them to your advantage.

This series of information-packed tactical briefs is written exclusively by industry experts who have years of experience in the field. You’ll discover the biggest opportunities for growth, and you’ll also learn how to protect your brand with powerful technologies.

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As your trusted partner in packaging, it is one of our greatest priorities to make sure that everyone we work with has access to a wealth of industry-related information and ideas. We’ve curated the most important industry knowledge and packaged it into this thorough and easy-to-follow eBook series. Sign up to enjoy these and more detailed articles.

eBook Titles

A guide to global markets

Where is the package machinery industry headed?

Read this Tactical Brief to get insights and predictions for how each global region is responding to trends and economic factors within the scope of their markets. Learn why the packaging industry is experiencing strong, sustained growth even while there are barriers to growth in developed countries such as pricing pressures, volatile commodity prices and rising labor costs.

The importance of flexibility in today's industrial Market

Where to focus your efforts to gain the most market share.

Flexibility has become a core competitive competency for the packaging industry, but it has several facets: 1) the flexibility to produce a variety of products using the same machines and to produce the same products on different machines; 2) the flexibility to produce new products on existing machines; and 3) the flexibility of machines to accommodate changes in product design.

Traceability: Vision inspection is vital for brand protection

The driving force behind new industry regulations

Driven by a myriad of high-profile laws, acts, directives and regulations – traceability is a hot topic for food and beverage processing and packaging companies. Without fine-tuned traceability protocols, consumers are exposed to defective products and companies are faced with the possibility of recalling large quantities of product without certainty of compromised integrity.

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